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Protein Crystallography

Help, contributions, encouragement, criticism have been received from Ajit Basak, Ben Bax, Alun Coker, David Houldershaw, Alan Mills, Claire Naylor, Peter Murray-Rust, Judith Murray-Rust, Martin Sadler, Helen White, Glenford Wright and Qiang Zhao. Substantial contributions have been made by Jon Cooper, Andreas Wostrack and Jacky Turner.

Lectures have been criticised by Erhard Hohenester, Christine Slingsby and Helen White.

Where no acknowledgement is given for coordinates or reflection data, one of the lecturers is an author.
Coordinates and reflection data of pleckstrin are courtesy of Dave Timm.
Reflection data for Laue class visualisation not otherwise used have been kindly provided by Ajit Basak, Claire Naylor and Julian Eaton.

Distance Learning

The distance learning course material has been written by many authors. Substantial contributions have been made by David Houldershaw, John Walshaw, Sami Raza, and Oliver Theiss.

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