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E-Mail Discussion List

About E-mail Discussion Lists

An electronic mail (e-mail) discussion list is a method of "one to many" communication.  Individuals who are "subscribed" to the list can send an e-mail message to the list. The e-mail message is then duplicated and sent to all of the other "subscribed" members of the list, who can then, of course, respond in a similar manner. 

For this course we have set up one e-mail discussion list. This e-mail discussion list is for enquiries on course material, organisation, new web resources, the software / technology being used in the course, help on setting up various items of software that will be used, general advice on technical issues, communication with other students etc. The discussion list should be used for any topic which may be of interest to other students. The course tutors will use the discussion list for announcements on the release of course materials, course organisation etc. The e-mail list is therefore primarily meant as a communication medium for the students. If the students do not contribute messages, there will be not much to read.

Students will be automatically subscribed to this list based on the e-mail address supplied to us.

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