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Normally lectures will be made available at the beginning of the week. Week numbers are sequential per term. Each TERM roughly coincides with a particular module. There will be deviations for a few individual lectures, in order to pace delivery of more difficult subjects. Some "weeks" in Terms 1 and 2 have a release which is intended to be studied over a 2-week period.

Official start date October 2nd.
Please complete enrolment including payment by Friday December 1st.

TERM 1 (Section 1: Fundamentals of Protein Structure and X-ray Crystallography)
WeekDateLecture TopicLecturer responsible
1-2 2-10 Introduction & Web Authoring Overview of Protein Crystallography & General information (JMol, HTML, Images, IMS) TEB
1-2 2-10 Protein Structure I Primary Structure & Amino Acid and Peptide Bond Geometry TEB
3 2-10 Protein Structure II Non-Covalent (Non-Bonded) Interactions TEB
4 16-10 Protein Structure III Secondary Structure, Super Secondary Structure TEB
5 23-10 Protein Structure IV Tertiary and Quaternary Structure (Point Groups) ARC
6-7 30-10 X-Ray Diffraction I and the CCP4 Gui Diffraction Theory (Scattering, Unit Cell, Braggs Law, Reciprocal Space, Indices, Structure Factor), using the CCP4 Gui and basic Fourier Theory TEB
8 13-11 Symmetry I Symmetry Operations (Rotational, Translational, Screw, Symbols, Unit Cell) TEB
9-10 20-11 Symmetry II Point Groups (Enantiomorphic, Polar, Laue Classes) TEB
11 4-12 Protein Crystallography I Protein Crystallisation TEB
Christmas Break
12-13 8-1 Symmetry III Space Groups (Enantiomorphic, Asymmetric Unit, P21, P212121) TEB
14 22-1 Protein Crystallography IIX-Rays, X-Ray Sources (Laboratory, Synchrotron) & X-Ray Detectors (Image Plate, CCD and Hybrid detectors). TB
TERM 2 (Section 2: Protein Crystallography)
WeekDateLecture TopicLecturer responsible
1 29-1 Protein Crystallography III Data Collection (Oscillation Method) & Cryocrystallography TB
2-3 5-2 Symmetry IV & Protein Crystallography IV Extinctions, Space Group Determination & Data Processing TEB
6 5-3 Protein Crystallography V Molecular Replacement (Rotation Function, Translation Function), Patterson TEB
7 12-3 Protein Crystallography VI Isomorphous Replacement, Patterson ARC
Easter Break
8-9 23-4 Protein Crystallography VII MAD, Anomalous Diffraction TEB
10 8-5 Protein Crystallography VIII Density Modification TEB
11 14-5 Protein Crystallography IX Electron Density Map, Modelling & Refinement TEB
12 21-5 Protein Crystallography X Validation & PDB TEB




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